Acknowledge the Hate and Ignorance.

♦ “We often use the term “hate” loosely. From our early years we proclaim to hate vegetables. Later on in life, teenagers profess undying hatred of the parents who refuse to extend curfew by a half hour. In actuality, these scenarios more accurately describe a strong aversion or dislike of the situation or legume at hand. But true hatred has appeared all too often throughout history. Religious and political wars have claimed the lives of millions and innocent people have been killed for no greater reason than they were different in socially unacceptable ways.”

There is nothing more annoying than a child or another teenager complaining about their parents, saying that they “hate” them for not letting them do something, etc.  Most people now-a-days don’t acknowledge the fact that their problems are completely insignificant as opposed to things like violent discrimination and war.
Here is something I said recently: “Your relationship problems and ‘bitchy parents’ don’t even come close to problems caused by witnessing war, witnessing and being a victim of REAL, violent acts of racism, sexism, or discrimination, and other things like rape victims… Being ‘depressed’ because ‘he doesn’t like you,’ is pathetic.  That’s just my opinion.”

♦ “The common denominator in most acts of hatred is fear, usually fear of different types of people or ideas. This is why hatred is most often directed toward people of differing race, sexual orientation, religious background or some other criterion. People are threatened by the unknown and seek to extinguish this fear, resulting historically in massive death tolls, slavery and other injustices.” ♦

I don’t understand how insane humans can get over something like that.  How in the hell were people so ignorant and cruel in the 1800’s – early 1900’s?  Skin color is determined by melaninMelanin is  any of a group of naturally occurring dark pigments composed of granules of highly irregular polymers that usually contain nitrogen or sulfur atoms, especially the pigment found in skin, hair, fur, and feathers. This is something completely scientific and naturally occurring.
Every human being on the planet originated from South Africa anyway.  How people got to be so racist really confuses me and angers me.  I think that racism is just completely ridiculous, ignorant, and pointless.

Much like love, hatred is often blind, making human beings prone to believe things that simply are not true. Sadly, too many of us fall victim to this reality, resulting in feelings of animosity and prejudice with little or nothing to back it up. This blind hatred often has to do with race, religion, gender, politics or sexual orientation. As such, it has wreaked havoc on the world for centuries and will probably continue to do so for many more.

Why do you think people teach hatred?
How can people hate so much to the point of genocide, suicide, war, or various hate crimes?
Are we animals for behaving this way, or just simply human for behaving this way?

Discrimination is fucking dangerous.

This is where this quote should come in:
“Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.”
– Marie Curie

The bolded quotes I used in this blog are from here.

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